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Employee Handbook Template


Employee Handbook Template for At-Will Employers

Now there's an easy way to create a company policy and procedure manual for your employees

The Employee Handbook Template takes the agony out of writing an employee manual. Instead of puzzling over what to put in a manual and how to word various sections, you simply copy the policies you need out of the Employee Handbook Template and paste them into a new word document on your computer.

Here's how you benefit from the Employee Handbook Template:

  • Produce a professional employee handbook quickly

  • Gain access to 100 written sample workplace policies to copy or adapt

  • Potentially minimize liability and damages from employee lawsuits

  • Reduce time spent answering routine employee questions

  • Download now and start using the Employee Handbook Template right away

Developed by professionals
The Employee Handbook Template was coauthored by HR consultant Michael Holzschu and attorney Gary W. Klotz.

Michael A. Holzschu is the managing principal in the firm of Holzschu, Jordan Schiff & Associates, , specializing in Human Resource Systems, with a special focus on employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance appraisal systems, harassment training, safety and quality issues. The company’s client base is primarily small to medium employers from all types of industries located throughout the United States. 

Gary W. Klotz is a shareholder in the law firm of Butzel Long, representing employers throughout the United States in labor and employment law matters, specifically including employee handbook and personnel policy development, maintenance of union-free status, employee relations counseling, and state and federal employment law compliance. 

What's In The Employee Handbook Template
The Employee Handbook Template includes well over a hundred sample policies that are most often needed by businesses. Each policy is a Microsoft Word document.  Here's a list of the sample company policies and narrative text contained in the Employee Handbook Template.

Medical Waiver Plan
Life Insurance
Short/Long Term Disability
Salary Continuation Plan
Sick Days/Personal Convenience Days
Emergency/Sick Days
Section 125
Health Care Portability
FMLA Leave of Absence or Medical Leave of Absence
Election of Measuring Backwards
Personal Leave of Absence
Military Leave of Absence
Jury Duty
Witness Leave
Bereavement Days
Time Off To Vote
Tuition Reimbursement
Seminars/ Meetings
Dues for Professional Organizations
Travel & Entertainment Expenses
Severe Weather
Worker’s Comp Insurance
State Disability Insurance
Unemployment Insurance
Day Care Allowance
Employee Suggestion Program
Employee Discounts

Flex-Time Scheduling
Meal Periods
Production Hourly Staff Pay Differentials
Exempt Staff Payroll Deductions
Compensatory Time Off
Time Keeping
Pay Periods/Pay Day
Electronic Funds Transfer
Payroll Deductions and Personal Status
Attendance & Punctuality
Performance Appraisals
Termination of Employment

Good Housekeeping
Personal Telephone Calls
Name Badges
Electronic Information and Communication Policy
Gifts, Conflict of Interest and Bribes
Dress Code
Use of Personal Vehicles
Use of Company Vehicles

Open Door Policy
Corrective Action Notification
Right of Appeal

Reporting of Accidents
Cellular Telephone Usage

If We Have Left Anything Out
A Final Word

Employee Copy
Company Copy

System Requirements
The Employee Handbook Template requires Microsoft  Windows and Microsoft Word. You also must be able to download products from the web.

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