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How To Find and Hire Employees Downloadable PDF

How To Find and Hire Employees Downloadable PDF

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Part Number:BKH-EB-150
  • Downloadable PDF book teaches you how to:
  • Determine the skills & abilities needed for a job
  • Create accurate job descriptions
  • Write employment ads that attract the right people
  • Interview candidates and choose the best for the job
  • See additional details below


Make hiring your first employee - or your next employee - easier and less stressful with this manual from Business Know-How®.
How To Find And Hire The Right Employees For Your Small Business will give you the information you need to:
  • Determine personnel needs
  • Assess the skills and abilities for any specific position
  • Write a job description
  • Know where to look for employees
  • Understand your legal obligations
  • Write an effective employment ad
  • Know how to review and evaluate resumes
  • Know what questions to ask in interviews, and what not to ask
  • Bring an employee on board


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